Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Luzon Bleeding-Heart Dove Painting

Detail of Luzon Bleeding-Heart Dove
I just finished this painting as a gift, but I must admit I really just wanted to paint this beautiful bird. This dove's name is extremely fitting, and although it seems to have some gruesome elements, I think it is an absolutely gorgeous bird deserving of some attention. There was a story about how the dove got it's "bleeding" chest marks: apparently it flew straight to Christ, brushing against His wounds immediately after being stabbed on the cross. Now, that's some story, but have to admit I love finding that type of history on such a unique animal, true or not. This painting was also sort of a warm-up piece; An attempt to get myself into the mindset of painting doves. If you know anything about extinct birds, you might be able to guess what species I will be painting next. Oh.... and there might be a unicorn involved too.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


These are some sketches I did last night. Not the greatest photos, but at least these show what I do before each painting. I think sketching is vital to my process, and sometimes I get my best ideas for a new painting by just doodling. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Updates and upcoming shows

 I'm very pleased to say that my presentation, "Extinction and Nonexistence: Creatures of a Metaphysical Realm," was, for the most part, a success . After a shaky start I was able to jump right into my presentation clearly and professionally. Luckily, I was blessed with a great group at the LFAC. All members of the audience had great comments and questions  throughout the presentation.  At the end, I was lucky enough to share my collection of books with everyone in the midst of discussing topics involving extinction, conservation, existence, and reality.... all very cool stuff. For me, one of the best aspects of the presentation was the fact that everyone seemed to understand almost all layers of meaning and emotion I have tried to develop in my paintings. I really hope this trait isn't limited to this group. With this experience, I hope that I have the opportunity again to discuss and share my artistic research and concepts. 

In anticipation of this presentation, I now have reproductions of my work available for purchase. Above left are detail shots of my larger works highlighting the extinct bird species in a particular painting. I have had a few interested in images of the unicorn as well, and those are on their way.

*A very special thanks to Aaron Melendez for his help in making my presentation and the availability of prints.

While I am thanking people, I cannot forget to thank Jennifer Norback for allowing my work to be displayed in the show, Life's a Beach, at her gallery in Chicago. I have been an intern there since January but with the conflicts of two work schedules I have had to sacrifice my time there. It definitely is a chapter in my life that I will miss and I hope that Jennifer Norback, Cindy Bernhard, and I will have the chance to work together again in the future. 

 In the middle of working, I have been trying to enter into as many shows as possible. Shows are great for me not only because it gives me the exposure I need as an artist, but it also serves as a short-term storage unit for my larger works. I currently have my largest painting, Lost and Found, as a part of my BFA show at the American Academy of Art. Recently, I've discovered that my piece, Newcomer will be included in Jackson Junge Gallery's Apocalypse 2012: Genesis 2013 exhibition. Not only will this show highlight my themes on extinction, but I'm privileged enough to have my work as a preview for the exhibit to be included in this year's Chicago Artists Month. Here is more information if you are interested in attending the opening reception with me:

Another great show I have the pleasure of being included is Evanston's 4th Annual Green Arts Show where the work focuses on greener ways of living. My newest piece will be displayed for the first time along with other great artists including fellow PCHS and AAArt alunmi Kim Guare. I'm very excited to have my work in the same show as Kim as she is an amazing artist working in a variety of mediums. If you haven't seen her work, you need to:

More updates to come soon. Be sure to check back to see my new painting featuring the Carolina Parakeet near the end of the month and some new experimental paintings I'm working on.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Extinction and Nonexistence: Creatures of a Metaphysical Realm

This in-progress painting of the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker,  will be available for viewing at this event
If you enjoy my work, be sure to check out my presentation on extinction, nonexistence, and their relation from an artist's perspective at the Life Force Arts Center on Thursday, August 9th from 7:00-9:00pm. This presentation is part of the LFAC's current exhibition, "Animal Wisdom, Animal Soul" where my piece, Two Sides, is on display along with work by other great artists. In this presentation I will be discussing specifically my research involving extinct birds, the history of the elusive unicorn, and how I combine my interests in both fields to create paintings that reflect my metaphysical questions regarding being. 

For more info and to RSVP, please follow this link to the Facebook event page: