Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New work, more birds (of course)

Red-Winged Blackbird (male) at dusk
Watercolor on paper
So finally, I've been able to take some decent photos of my new work that I have been working on and off with since the end of school. These two pieces represent to me the struggles of working two jobs, searching for a better job, and applying to shows post-graduation. It was more difficult than I had expected to keep up with my art-making in reference to the pace I kept while I was a student. I really miss having the excuse to work on a painting for more than four hours because it was my "schoolwork." Now, it's just the thing I do on the side before and after my "real" job. Luckily, I have been accepted to at least three shows since graduating (waiting on the fourth), have sold two paintings, and will have the opportunity to discuss my work with an audience in August. Overall, the art world is being generous to me as an emerging artist, but the pace is unsatisfying.  

I've started a total of five paintings since finishing these two. I'm trying to get two done quickly; the others have no deadline as of yet. No surprise, the upcoming two are of birds: one a Ring-Billed Gull the other of Carolina Parakeets, and extinct species. As you can see from these two paintings, I am looking forward to painting a bird that is not primarily black (or dark brown in reference to the Ivory-Billed).

More information on the presentation and upcoming shows will be updated soon. I'll be leaving for Antigua next week, and before then you can expect to see those two paintings added to the blog and/or website. Wish me luck!